We all are aware of the fact that creativity has no limits. You can get everything embroidered according to your requirement but before this, you need digital files. You must know that embroidery machines will not accept input of graphic image so you need to get in touch with embroidery digitizing services. Note that the digitizing company will convert your design into a digital file so that it can be used by the embroidery machine. The digital files help the machine to understand better about the design, so it is a pre-requisite in the entire process. To get one for your designs, contact embroidery digitizing company in the US.

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Ask if the company is having a customer support department or not? If the answer is no, then you might have a problem with communication. In this case, you will not be able to get the answers to your queries on time.

Aqua Digitizing company

Aqua Digitizing company, based in the US has been offering the best digitizing service for embroidery and vector conversion since many many years with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, which has helped it earn a premier position in the industry. Our prices for digitizing service are quite affordable which means most of the left chest and cap logos can be done very economically. No compromise on quality is made over here and edits are free till you are completely satisfied. Visit here for a quick look at our digitizing service and vector prices along with the estimated turnaround time.


I hope now you are aware of the important things in the embroidery digitizing service and things to look when hiring an embroidery digitizing company in the US.

If you are still looking for an experienced company, then Aqua Digitizing company is the right choice. This digitizing company is having many years of experience with a skilled team of the digitizer to complete the task on time and within an affordable price range.

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