General Questions

Should I e-mail my order??

Ordering through our site is very easy and allows us to directly assign it to one of our talented artists quickly. Here’s how to place an order after you are logged into your account. To place an order click “Place new Order” on the top. This will take you right to the order form where we’ll ask you questions about your project.

Do I need to submit professional artwork?

As with every part of the digitizing process, the better the artwork, the better the final product. All we really need is a relatively clear image with the color separations.

Can you work with a rough artwork or a garment to copy?

Yes, we accept rough artwork, also a garment is acceptable.

How do I upload my artwork?

This will be done in your order form.

How do I know if my artwork is ok?

Once you have submitted your artwork, your artwork will be thoroughly checked and processed by our audit staff. You will going to receive an email if the artowork is not OK.

What is your turnaround time? When will i get my file ready?

If the artwork is perfect and has passed the audit, our normal turnaround time is 12-24 hours. However if you would like to have your artwork digitized in 12 hours, we charge an additional US$5.00 per design.

Which type of artwork format is acceptable?

We accept the following file formats: .eps or .ai (preferred), .jpg, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .pcx, .png, .dxf, .emf, .wmf, .pdf, .cdr, .psd , pdf (etc)

What Embroidery formats do you offer?

We can offer you all major formats a few of which are. .EMB,.DST, PES,.EXP, PXF, .CND,.DSB,..OFM, .JEF, .PEC,. VP3, .V9 check out the list.

How do you ensure quality?

Our digitized files are designed by professional digitizers and are made to meet your exact requirements. We have embroidery machine over here we will run your design on our machine we are sure you will get your designs better than your expectations.

How do I know my digitized file is ready?

Once your design is digitized, You will receive an email notificaiton to login and check your design. After successfull payment, design will be available for download, Automatically. If you do not get this e-mail, it is a good idea to call or email us to make sure the status of your order

The file I downloaded is a zip, what should i do?

Whenever we have more than one file to send you on an order, you will always receive a ZIP archive file. Please download WinZip and install it. Once it has been installed it will automatically pop up and do it’s job whenever you double-click on a zipped file. On most computers just double click the icon to extract the files

Can i use the digitized file on any fabric?

We specifically digitize a design with the fabric in mind. The fabric will dictate type of underlay, push-and-pull compensation and density that the digitizer must address in creating the design. If the design is going on a multitude of fabrics, edits for the other fabric types are done. Not all fabrics require edits.

Do you keep backups of clients files?

Yes, backups are available with in your account panel.

How do I contact you? If I need help.

You can contact us through our contact form or email us. Also you can contact us through the live chat or Open a Ticket Request.

What if my file won't upload?

A common reason for this is that the file is too large. files must be under 10mb. You can convert the file to a jpeg and try again. You are welcome to e-mail the file to us if you are not sure how to do this, and we can attempt to size the image down for you.

How do I know you got my order?

You will get a confirmation e-mail after you place your order. Once you placed the order it will show you IN PROCESS in your client portal.

Can I load more than one file?

Yes, When you attching your artwork there are 2 more Choose file options to attach more than one file.

What if there is a problem with my file?

We’re happy to work on it until it’s correct, here is how to request a revision from us: From your portal page you’ll find the “Place New Edit” button… Click on “Place New Edit”, you may enter your revision notes in. Please be concise, and number all specific points in a manner similar to this list of instructions.

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Pre-Sale Questions

What Payment Methods you Accept ?

We have simple And easiest Payment Methods.
We Accept Master Card, Visa Card, Discover, American Express, And Also Paypal. All Payments Via

Do you offer discounts at bulk orders?

Yes… We are offering discount for bulk orders, if you place more than four orders in a day, We will offer you next 5th order free under 20,000 thousand stitches, And even If place place twelve orders in a week we will offer you next two orders free under 20,000 stitches.