Our aim is to provide you quality embroidery digitizing service at lowest cost.

Get heavy discounts on orders Check discounts.

Major editing depend on job
  • Minor Editing Free
  • Machine / File Format Conversion Free
  • Editing Files not made by our websiteDepending on job
  • Size Change (within 20%) Free
  • Size Change (Over 20%) $1.25 / 1000 Stitches


Free 7000 Stitches trial for new customer
    • $1.25 per 1000 stitches
    • Minimum design fee $7
    • Maximum design fee $150
    • Normal turnaround time 24 guaranteed
    • Urgent service 3 – 6 hours $5 additional


Quality Guarantee
    • Simple Art $15
    • Complex Art $25


Do you offer discount on bulk orders? Yes we do, Please contact us for bulk discount.

Our prices are not more than market standard but we give you a reason through an opportunity to get the best quality digitized product at the lowest cost. This is our aim and our wish to win your heart and mind because in our business; client is king, and we obey the king’s command at all cost. In addition, we give you the discounts that our contemporaries hardly offer. We want to let you know a hidden advantage that if you order us for bulk quantity then you will have premium services like editing or digitizing first sample etc. Also you will get discount on your order. Let us tell you what we are offering in terms of price and premium service. The minor editing is free just as machine/file format conversion is free. If you want to change the size (within 20%) range that is also free but if you change size over 20% then it is charged 1.25$ for every 1000 stitches. We offer first 7000 stitches of the sample almost free. After that working on any order we will charge 1.25 per 1000 stitches. Minimum design or digitization fee is 7$. Similarly, maximum design fee costs 150$. The normal turnaround time is 24 guaranteed. The urgent service is 3-6 hours with 5$ additional. We also work on vector graphics and the vector graphics sample rate is 15$ while complex art is charged nearly 25$. We hope you find this pricing wonderful and completely suitable to your budget.