Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing is the most effective and new method to introduce different and elegant design. It involves different phases that are done to come up with unique and beautiful embroidery designs.

Custom Digitizing

Custom Digitizing is technique in which designs are made according to ones own needs and requirements. Custom designs are becoming very common these days as people prefer to have customized designs.

Vector Art Conversion Services

We also offer excellent quality and afforedable vector artwork services with fast turn around time from our professional graphic designer. Send us your low quality jpeg, gif or any files we will forward to our graphic artists after few hours you will get Vector art conversion.

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Look at our digitizing PORTFOLIO that we have digitized for our clients. Our goal is customer SATISFACTION.

Why you will love AQUA DIGITIZING?

There are many reasons to love AQUA Digitizing but the most important of the lot are their services, their behavior with their customers, effective relationship and cost-effective measures.

AquaDigitizing is a famous name in digitizing industry. We’ve been serving the digitizing industry since the industry is growing and most of the times our quality and on-time dedication speaks to our work. We are equipped with highly skilled technical staff, branded machinery, professional embroidery digitizers, screen printing experts, well-versed quality assurance team and advanced management for your orders. We use the latest technologies and the best materials to provide some of the highest quality services available in the industry today. We’re the one-stop service providing agency for your vectorizing and digitizing needs. We strive for the quality and perfection so satisfaction is always guaranteed!

We understand the importance of having the exact design to embroidered patterns to satisfy our customer’s demands. That’s why we promise quality digitizing by our team of experienced professional. Your satisfaction is our first priority.Our expert team delivers the highest quality and our system makes ordering and managing designs files easily.

Benefits of Hiring AQUA Digitizing

AquaDigitizing is providing cost effective and quality embroidery digitizing services. We have rendered services to wide to range of agencies from U.S.A, Australia, Canada, UK and other countries.

24/7 Support

Our services are available to our customers 24 a day. Be it a night or a day we are always there to help our customers. We also have our presence online where our customers can easily contact us and we will get back to them in one hour. So feel free to ask us any question we are always there to help you.

Quick Turn Arround time

Once the order is made we make sure that we deliver the product to the customer as soon as we can. We believe in fast delivery and good turn around time.

Easy & Secure Payment

We accept all Credit/Debit cards and PayPal. Our payment system is easy and very secure. You can pay for individual designs Or you can pay once for muliple Orders to saving lots of time. For further information contact us through the Email.

100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We always give preference to customer’s satisfaction and we make sure that we fulfil all the requirements that were demanded by the customer at the time of order so they will appreciate our services and would like to try us again.

Design backup Facility

Aqua digitizing.com will offer you a safe and easy environment to manage your orders efficiently and keep track of it. Through our website you can easily place orders, make payments and request edits. We also provide our customers to download design anytime they want to. Management of digitizing designing can also be done with ease and comfort.

Pay Once You Check and Approve The Digitized File

We do not force our customers to pay before the order is completed. Once the design is made we call our customers to check the required stuff, if they approve the design then we tell them about the charges.

Get Free Stitch Quote

After login you will see an option (place an estimate) Click on it just fill Out the simple form attach your artwork and submit it for request to get quotation of the price and stitches, Our digitizing team will provide a prompt reply to your quote.

Quality Services We Provide

A quality Digitizing services at low cost. Our aim is to provide you cheapest and best quality digitizing service.

There are many different digitizing companies among them Aqua digitizing is one of the best companies. Our expert and proficient digitizers work very well to fulfill all the requirements. There are different services perform by our digitizers among them applique digitizing is the most attractive service. We always care for our customers. Our well managed and highly trained and skilled staff high dedication towards our work can easily speak in our work. Our artist digitizers can copy the texture of each art, whatever of its difficulty or twist.

Applique digitizing is a method to decrease the stitches count by attaching some new fabric part of your wanted shade by stitching it by registration and instruction. All data will be given with particular instructions so you can sew your applique piece well in your plan. This is so delicate and difficult work, that’s why it is so time and energy-consuming. There are many services but applique digitizing is known as the spinal cord of all digitizing services. Applique digitizing is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of practice, knowledge, and enthusiasm to be capable to do this art perfectly. This is the reason we have chosen the most skillful, and experienced digitizers to make you better ideas always.

Important stitches in appliqué digitizing:

An essential feature of the digitizing method is stitching the position mark. A position mark is described by a run stitch which defines the point wherever the applique will be fixed. Next, the fixing line is stitched; a stop is carefully attached over the machine. The objective of the stop is to make an embroiderer stretch cloth inside the placing stitches.

Appliqué digitizing on clothes:
Attach applique embroidery to a garment, so being a check used in a shirt is an excellent method to provide character to your closet. A reverse practice is a method for designing logos, communication or little plans straight over a woven shirt. Different option is embroidered appliques beaded border applique usually done in dresses and apparel for unique events. The method is performed by taking a pattern of lace appliques pre-manufactured and then stitch by hand or machine on the study.

For the new look of your dressing, you immediately have to contact us.

Without any doubt, Embroidery can enhance the appearance of any clothes especially the formal one. There are many Embroidery Digitizing Softwares to digitize new images. Embroidery digitizing for an image now consider as a specialized art. This kind of work has the capability to captures many eyes of the people. It has been in use for the old times and proceeds to rule the fashion trade. Digitizing the embroidery of images is a new trend in the fashion industry. By this method, you can convert old designs into a beautiful and productive one.

Take your imagination from the next running level. In images digitizing for embroidery, there are infinite options to provide and complete your requirements. Now digitizing embroidery gives the number of chances to place stitches with Embroidery Digitizing Machines. If you own any brand or any business or if you do this at home embroidery machines not only helps you. Also saves you much time. Working on a low scale or small scale both need digitized files.

How to Digitize an Image for Embroidery?

You can use any image or picture to digitize. Every sort of image can be digitized If it is cartoon, animal, either panorama or sketch of people. If you use the right method of digitizing you can get perfect outcomes. Digitizing is not a simple task. To start your embroidery digitizing for an image. There are some steps which you have to follow.

  • Open any embroidery digitizing software.
  • Use that software properly.
  • Choose perfect stitches and adjust the length.
  • Underlay management settings.
  • Adjustment of layouts in images.

Step 1:

Open any embroidery digitizing software:
If you start your embroidery digitizing for an image, you need to select any proper software. After this use the blank desktop to digitize new blank design. And import the picture which you will digitize.

Step: 2

Choose perfect stitch type and adjust the length:
If you need perfect digitizing setting is the major part. Start your digitizing with outline and divide your image in different columns. By embroidery digitizing software you can select number of options. Contract or stretch them to obtain a precise fit. For larger designs use larger stitches and for the smaller designs use small stitches. Adjust the length of your image. Which is the most important part.

Step: 3

Underlay management settings:
If you’re working any file which is digitized already so in this case layouts will continue. To manage the strain of coverage in pre digitized file there is a need of more stitches for the underlay. Use 1/3 of stitches in single layer.

Step: 4

Adjustments of textures:
In large image cases, when you’re working on large designs. Every single detail can be seen. For the perfect work you need to work on surroundings too. Only first layer can be seen other layers are hidden. Only the top layer is visible to the human eye so the second and third layers are concealed. They give stability to the design and you see the opportunity to become artistic with shades throughout the sew out.

Embroidery digitizing is the technique or process by which sections of art or a symbol can easily customized, generally known as artwork, which is turned over into a stitch form. More accurately, it is the process where digital image within the form of a digitized work for a design is made. This electronic document is open through the devices which at that point run the fastens concurring to the information provided by the digitized record. It is the process of turning over the design work into a form that is clear by an embroidery machine. Opposite to the basic intuition, this conversion method isn’t as basic as it seems. A skilled, known as embroidery digitizers can this transformation. He manually differentiates varieties and designs of unique twists that he considers appropriate for diverse plan elements. Digitizing custom designs may be a specific task. An embroidery digitizer must have enough contact and skills to come up with stitch works that provide an outstanding sew-out. This happening doesn’t happen overnight. So, in case you’re considering digitizing for a genuine sew-out, with no earlier involvement, you should fit to examine your idea. It’s not some trivial modifications here and there, and you’ll be all done.

There are many digitizing industries are running in the present time among them aqua digitizing is the growing name in the world of digitization. You’ll rather like any scene or any scene in Polaroid camera picture so you’ll be able make it digitized by sending it to any embroidery digitizing service by e-mail or postal service. This implies custom embroidery digitizing benefit can be digitized into weaving arrange all of picture or drawing work.

In custom digitizing there are also many ways to lose your money. The first reason is that you are not putting right amount of your embroidery work. A fast way to lose cash isn’t put the correct cost on your embroidery work. Something that endures 10 hours for making cannot be sold in US $ 10; something else, you’re working US $ 1 per hour. In the event that you’re doing hand weaving, you should consider the hours of devotion contributed within the item and charge suitably. However, the same article in a computerized custom embroidery machine with which you just have to put the wire, position the texture and press “Start” gives you time to advance your trade, make phone calls or work on your budget. The cost of the machined item does not have to be so high and likely to result in more deals. In case you select to embroider by hand, promotes this perspective as the highlight of the item is handmade. Persuade the client that the handwork is where the genuine esteem, so that a better cost is legitimized. Begin utilizing the Internet as a source of business.

Nowadays, there’s no deficiency of proficient digitizers. Really, they are in abundance. The only issue is finding a trusted digitizing service that can provide quality work reliably without lost any deadlines. With all that, you just unquestionably don’t need to deplete your pockets and keep it affordable. These all things can be provided by AQUA DIGITIZING.

There are many different companies, they provides different and unique services for embroidery and digitizing. Among many companies Aqua digitizing is one of the most trustworthy company. We appoint experienced and skillful digitizers. Their hard work and love for their art speak loudly by their work. We can digitize every single design, our digitization extends from needle to tower. And when it comes to digitizing for embroidery aqua digitizing satisfy their clients easily.

Digitizing is just like embroidery. It is the method of change of file in a series of directions to the embroidery device. The device will translate to bind the string especially.

Get that great digitizing is an artwork. This is the code to make an engaging embroidered pattern. If you have moved to a store to buy clothes, then you may have learned of digitizing. So, the seller was not selling you enough by stating that you need to digitize your pattern. See that digitizing is so important to stitch a pattern on clothes.

Digitizing data makes it more accessible to store, way, and like. For example, the first record in hard copy is ready for its way only at the real place of its storage. But if the document is digitized, it can be done free together to various workers in the industry. So, there is a developing trend towards digitization of material and vital records in a new design.

The digitization method serves in the decline in real space conditions. And a very quicker text research and retrieval method. These are only two of the numerous advantages of digitization.

Aqua digitizing use latest digitizing software’s also:

It is necessary to understand that there is no such item as complete. Irrespective of the embroidery digitizing software you will ultimately work by, it is forever working to be a trade-off among the cost and characteristics. Additional parts add adaptability by your embroidery device, the comfort of usage, Pre-Digitized fonts, etc
File links to embroidery digitizing software’s:
File formats:
Each embroidery machine has any standard forms that can be seen by that extremely critical tool.
Resizing in the meaning of the embroidery machine is the capacity of the device to modify the volume and dimensions of actual configuration catalogs.
A separate application that is provided in sequence with digitizing software to improve its lack features.
Digitized fonts:
Negligence fonts in digitizing software that has occurred previously digitized and can be simply obtained by lettering point.
True type fonts:
Fonts that need any digitization and are directed to lesser arrangements advantage.


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