First 7000 stitches free all our new customers.

Okay, you are, now, ready to talk about your project or maybe you are confused about the service. Here it is the premium trial offer comes for you to make your mind about it. Now we can give you a free digitizing service opportunity just-for-you. You can fully order us about any sample of your design and we will work on it. In this regard we will give thousands of stitches free. When the first sample comes out, we will hand over it to you. Now you are the boss. See that sample, personalize it more and consult with your colleagues or friends. This will give you ease of mind so that when you start placing your order with us; you are free of any confusion. Now to take advantage of this wonderful premium service all you need to do it to register your account with us. Login and place your order mentioning free trial. You will have to wait after submitting or sending your design to us. We take normally 6 to 24 hours in digitizing your design and send it back to you for your consideration. In addition, by this premium service we are giving you almost seven thousand stitches but when stitches are exceeded then we will only charge against the exceeded and not for all 7 thousand stitches. Further, you do not need to send or submit your credit card detail while placing order for premium digitizing trial with us. So do not wait any more.


Follow These Steps to get Your Free Trial.

  1. Register your account.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Place Your order and mention Free trial in instruction Box.
  4. Wait few hours.
  5. As soon your order get digitized check digital image and pay using any feasible method.
  6. Download your design without any further delay.

Looking for Digitizing Company to digitizing something? What Are you Waiting For? Sign Up With us and get 7000 Free Stitches!

Do I need to enter my Credit Card Details?

No, credit card or any other personal details are not required for these trials.

Are there any hidden charges:

No, there are no hidden charges for this free trials.

What is the normal time frame?

You will get email from as soon as your designed is ready. It normally takes around 6 to 24 hours for digitizing.

What if I order more than 7000 stitches?

If your design has 7000 or less stitches, we will not charge you, If your design exceeds 7000 stitches we will charge you for extra stitches, like if your design has 8000 stitches you have to pay just 1.25$.


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