Embroidery Digitizing:

Embroidery Digitizing Services are offered from company or team of professionals that are equipped with latest computer application and its compatible machines. This team works on client behalf and process the embroidery design sample from scanning to digitizing it. You think it is easy work because computer technology is incorporating into it? No, it is not that. Still when computer and digital work has brought revolution in embroidery designing and its production; a team of embroidery digitizing professionals tend to work on every single stitch, thread types, and its overall look. This is what Aqua Digitizing does and this how we are known as the leader among our contemporaries in the industry.

Aqua Services will Make Embroidery for You:

Aqua Digitizing features high-tech equipment, among these; Industrial computerized multi-head embroidery on top brands already recognized in the world of digital embroidery. High performance teams with working capacity of 24 continuous hours; that allow us to provide our customers with fast, efficient and high quality service. This machinery leads us to present designs of different sizes and handle them on different materials such as: Fabrics, Leather, Synthetic, Banners etc. and likewise provide a new tool in different techniques and alternatives in the clothing market and advertising in general. We can also add that this leads to work on and finished garments or completed; embroiderers our complete system allow us to work on cylindrical garment such as: Hats, , Socks etc. Also the variety of items such as applications, shields, religious ornaments, etc are also included. For our services we have specialized and complementary equipment offer the sale of software and hardware required implementing a solution for records administration of digital embroidery samples. Each image or file, you capture additional search fields like date, document type, document number, status and observations to then be digitized in seconds. Thanks to the service such as internet and social networks; you can apply through these means; designs such as: Children, military, religious ornaments, college, sports, flowers, Christmas, corporate logos, trademarks, franchises, fashion, seasonal, custom, casual, etc.

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For embroidery designing there are much of the work is done by digitizing company. One of such companies is Aqua. Every single thing has been digitizing in our world. Home or official documents, legal and all other kinds of papers, designs, photos, images; almost everything is being digitized. No matter wherever you are you just order us to serve you in any type of digitizing. The services are various and are of many types. With Aqua team you can improve your organization and management of your company. This comprehensive service will free from any charge in the implementation of project for the digitization and records administration. It is the planning and structuring of digitizing documents that is required before being digitized. Aqua services digital has the facilities, equipment and trained personnel to carry out projects to digitize large volumes of documents and books in which embroidery design samples are.