Vector for screen printing

What is custom screen printing?

It is a very easy and popular method for designing clothes. With the help of a squeegee, ink is scattered all over the shirt and an image is burned into the screen. For the one design complete one screen is burned. If there is a greater order than the color is less. It’s not a simple task as it seems. With our experts in AQUA digitizing, we perform this task very efficiently. We mostly use one color screen printing.

Equipment we use:

We also possess a different way of highlighting disposable screens alternatively of the common reusable screens. This goes for a green method as we don’t clean the ink and chemicals applied to clean the screens under the draining. For the press, we use electrical volt and for the screen maker, we use QS200. All inks utilized are from One-Stroke Inks.

Artwork we required:

Vector art work is used in custom screen printing. One screen only used in this. The artwork we required is normally vector art for screen printing. As we give one screen for color printing. So the black is the screen is often used. One screen means the only black color is used in it.

Adobe illustrator, coral draw, pdf, SVG, eps files type used in this. You should not use Photoshop and save it as an EPS. This is usually not similar to vector art. While the Eps files prepared by vector art software.

Sections of prints:

We essentially screen print at the beginning and/or back of apparel, up to 13″ broad x 15″ tall. Small sleeves can be printed also. Elongated sleeves can be printed if the sleeve matches on our sleeve bed. This differs in measurement and design. We do not print on the sections where the cloth which is not even (above openings, joints, zippers) covers, other work areas.


Applying the shades noted here, we screen print on 100% cotton and 50/50 cotton/polyester t-shirt combinations. White, black, red, and Vegas gold inks are free for 100% polyester clothes as properly. Fleece and tri-blend works are used in a different case. We do not screen print vinyl, nylon, or some different kinds of clothes, but t-shirt vinyl could be a viable option. Extra charges for managing work inks in shades we do not previously stock will fit.


Curing is the ink that is most essential in screen printing. For the permanent print and gain good wash ability. Many designers speed this action while the design marks prepared, they will not perform it in the wash you want to know the quality of designs, and you require stretching it. If your design is cracking then ink is not evenly spread and design is not good in quality.

Care of your apparel:

Once you own your garment, a decent application is important to perform a traditional garment and print time. For every garment, we suggest cold-water wash within out and attach drying. You may fall flat on down (no energy). Nevermore press up the designing these measures will assist you to obtain the highest number of living for your cloth.