Vector for printed vinyl

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What is printing of vinyl?

Vinyl transference is a subsect of radiation change printing that does proper transfer paper to use your business logo or idea to a kind of stock. Make sure to stay out of our full vinyl heat transfer print skills to see how to help your company develop custom clothes and things.

Principal of printing vinyl transfer:

Vinyl transfer work in a much-related system as the usual heat transfer print method. The principal variations are the transfer text used and the settings that are perfect on the heat strain device.

Steps of printed vinyl:

  • Mockup your idea: we use a PC with graphic layout software to digitize your company logo or custom form.
  • Print your logo: your business logo or custom pattern is printed on unique vinyl heat transfer paper working inkjet paint, color ink, or sublimation ink controlled by on the goods and use.
  • Wash & wipe your goods: it is necessary to pre-wash clothes ere using heat converted printed logos if using a material that could contract and change the logo or pattern.
  • Light after the heat strain: the energy strain is removed, and the heat platen is isolated from the heat mat and split apart while heating to heat in 350 to 375°F.
  • Set the pressure: the force of the heat strain is adjusted on the width of the cloth that the vinyl change is being used to. So the Dense material is equal to more stress.
  • Fixed a timer: the time required to use the form is complex for all kinds of heat removal. For vinyl changes, the time is fixed in 45 and 60 seconds.
  • Put the material & transfer paper: your custom clothes are put on the base of the heat strain by the vinyl transfer paper also put face-up below a light fabric for stability.
  • Time to finish: we remove the name under the end of the press and clamp it closed. Your time, heat, and stress are now by set by soon, so we can only force start.
  • Strip off the skin: the vinyl transfer sheet if fully separated from the cover of the product to share your design logo or picture.