Scanning All Computerized Embroidery

For our services, we have specific and corresponding devices that allow the selling of
software and tools needed to develop a clarification for document management
of digital embroidery examples. All images or data, you obtain extra search possibilities
like date, document type, document number, status and views to then be digitized in
moments. Application of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a higher control device
that can understand considered text copy documents. Putting real data or designs is
accomplished with software, guaranteeing a quick way for our shuttle, digital
transmission or direct meeting at our assumptions. The service covers the
Accommodation and Support of file cases for storage and protection.
Large plan digitization:
Our expert scan service for plans and drawings intended especially at companies from
the departments of architecture, urban planning, surveying, archiving, cartography,
geographic information systems, billing or desktop publishing. We cannot just scan
systems, but more drawings, CAD designs, maps, color banners, historic sketches,
advertisements, and more. More modest amounts can be sent by the dispatcher (DHL /
UPS) to us and treated in one operation day. More substantial results can be obtained by
the DOCUBYTE transport service. Your completed form scans taken later a short time via
encrypted Download our Data Exchange Program or on disk.
Scan service of highest quality:
Systems we digitize at DOCUBYTE error in 24-bit color and a resolution of 300 dpi. All
considered ideas through an optical quality check. Of course, the change of the
adjustment and design of the plan examines the involved in the cost. Unlike other
scanning co-operation given in DOCUBYTE plans before digitization be gegengeknickt to
withdraw on the scanned form darkness on the turn. In the process, you receive high-
class program scans in tone. Also, the scanning of systems more open A0 is likely. The
often put collectively by A4 records in data systems can be considered out any difficulties
in the first order. The united in our product database wildcard System (notice also
method & techniques for scanning) it is still reasonable when required end class all
scanned records to the new order.

Aqua Digitizing Services; work as scanning all computerized embroidery of the business.
We have the most suitable software including any as PULCE, Wilcom, SIERRA, and
BROTHER with other applications 100% original. For our assistance, we have specific and
corresponding material that allows the selling of software and tools needed to achieve a
resolution for document management of digital embroidery examples.