Custom digitizing made easier to understand!

Before moving forward, we should first understand what it defines when we say “custom digitizing.” Recently, digitizing is growing up. Hence all the USA digitizers have adapted technology, innovation, creativity, and diversity. But, at Aqua Digitizing, we have made a combination of all of them. Thus it makes us different from others.

In recent years, the apparel decoration industry has massively grown. Now, custom digitizing embroidery is different from how it used to be. Due to a significant increase in the number of USA digitizers, it is difficult for the public to find a quality digitizer. Therefore, aqua digitizing has made it easier for everyone. As we have already done many digitizing projects, you won’t be doubtful about our quality. 

Custom digitize embroidery is now the backbone of the digitizing industry. Being the most attractive and most demanded, custom digitizing is a difficult task to do, which requires high quality. However, in this article, we have mentioned all the necessary information which every client should know. Before availing a service, one should have proper knowledge about it. 

What is custom digitizing embroidery?

Basically, custom digitizing is a technique that is performed on artworks. We can define artworks as artistic representations. In custom digitizing embroidery, we convert those digital representations to stitch formats. This technique of custom digitizing embroidery can also be performed with logos. It applies to all forms of digital files. With the help of technology, we have machines that read the digital files and then convert them into stitched material.

In other words, custom digitizing embroidery is a process of converting digital illustrations into formats that are readable by the embroidery machines. But, it is not as simple as it sounds. To perform this process professionally, an experienced technician is required to do that. The qualified technician is known as an “embroidery digitizer.” He manually differentiates the varieties and designs of different stitches that he considers proper for distinctive design elements. The job is as hard as it doesn’t seem to be. 

Additional to an embroidery digitizer, this process also requires a digitizing software. The software is necessary to create formats for digitizing. 

What do embroidery digitizers do?

Now you would have understood the fact that custom digitizing embroidery requires human input along with machinery input. But, human input takes the major part of the process. Automation has a great significance in the process, yet it doesn’t play a distinct role.

The role of an embroidery digitizer is to 

  • State and research the stitches
  • Define the density of the element
  • Explain the details of the design
  • Manually differentiates classes and patterns of different stitches 

There are many other roles, too. You must have noticed that these tasks require mental and physical efforts. Hence, all embroidery digitizers should have the experience, along with skills. Otherwise, they are in the wrong lane. So, Aqua Digitizing has qualified embroidery digitizers. Unlike other USA digitizers, we have set a standard of embroidery digitizers. As we want to ensure quality to our clients, so we can’t compromise on it.

Why do we need custom digitizing embroidery?

Custom digitizing is not known to anyone, yet it is a requirement for all businesses. There are many many uses of custom digitizing embroidery, which we can not assemble on a piece of paper. But, we will try to outline the significant applications.

  • They are needed for brandings and promotions in events.
  • We need them to design kits. 
  • All types of the organization require custom digitizing embroidery at one stage of their business.
  • They are necessary to design teams, bands, events, etc. costumes.
  • Personalization of ornaments and clothes. 

Where to get the best custom digitizing embroidery service?

It’s the sole responsibility of the client and the service provider to never compromise on the quality. They both should always be concerned about it, as it matters the most in every industry of business. But, in the case of custom digitizing, without quality, the work is always incomplete. For class, of course, we need specialized and experienced individuals to overdo our projects.

At Aqua digitizing, we promise punctuality and quality to our clients. The digitizing experience doesn’t come overnight, and we have to go through a lot of experience. Whichever digitizing company you choose, if they do not have the experience, you should relook your decision.

The team of Aqua Digitizing is well-positioned to convert any artwork into a stitch format. Plus, we are a combination of quality and cheapness. Aqua digitizing will deliver your work on the deadline. If you are looking for trusted digitizing services, you are in the right place. 

To ensure your trust, here are some of the works done by Aqua Digitizing.


There are some of the works we have done. If you want to look more, you can check our portfolio. If you want to make  your artwork look as good as them, don’t delay and contact now!