Vector Art Conversion Services

In the modern age, due to the advancement, every original piece can simply be digitized.
Digitizing industries grow quickly nowadays. Aqua digitizing is a leading name in the world of
digitizing enterprises. There are numerous ideas to admire AQUA Digitizing but the most leading
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They provide a variety of services. We are provided with a very proficient mechanical team,
branded appliances, professional embroidery digitizers, screen-print specialists, a well-versed
class support partner and high-level administration for your purchases. We utilize the most
advanced technologies and the most suitable supplies to produce any of the most eminent
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Among them, vector art conversion is our most unique work. Vector Conversion is the method of
printing raster images in vector form. Raster is a general image design data form such as jpg &
png and are generally done upon the web. Vector graphics are not as simple; this kind of file is
commonly needed for several methods that use the picture to a physical stock before-mentioned
as practice printing (pens, Frisbees, koozies), carving, signage, glass cutting and more.
Vector graphics:
 Because vector graphics are not made of pixels they are not dependent on resolution.
Vectors can be sized to any size without failing the condition. Vectors can be imprinted
as high and at the highest resolution, the printer or the product mechanism admits.
 A more than one color image can quickly be transfer into a limited or one color image.
Short colors are usually required by some methods such as needlework, “stencil-cut”
vinyl signs, and work promotional objects (such as logos stamped on mugs, pens,
glasses, etc.)
 Vector graphics are commonly used for logos, illustrations, technical drawings and for
use with processes that require vector art such as specialty signs and printing, engraving
and etching. Also used in CAD, Engineering, and 3D graphics.

We also offer excellent quality and affordable vector artwork services with fast turn around time
from our professional graphic designer. Send us your low quality jpeg, gif or any files we will
forward to our graphic artists after few hours you will get Vector art conversion. We give

excellent vector art services to our customers at the common right titles. This is sometimes more
related to picture imitation or vectorization. Our vector conversion services originate from a
remarkably economical cost. This includes any additional edits to the initial submission. All
orders, already approved by the customer, are developed and emailed to them in the
subsequent 24 hrs. Serving with us is economical, quick and effective.