How does an Embroidery Digitizing service work

If you are looking to create their own clothing line or if you just want to have a custom piece of cloth embroidered with your own art vector, can easily do so using various services. Many companies today vector art digitized for embroidery to meet directly online, while some local printers can also have this service available depending on your own personal preferences.


Embroidered handbags, clothing and household items are very desirable, but many people do not have the ability or time to complete projects. If you enjoy the work of embroidery and have the equipment, you can consider starting a part time or full time business selling their work. The proper pricing and competitive will help you attract customers and get your business off the ground. Purchase napkins, towels and clothes wholesale prices.


1: List of custom embroidery services will offer. Decide whether to focus on one area, such as monograms, or offer a variety of custom designs. Consider whether you offer services for products that bring existing customers or whether it will also sell the echoes of new products, such as clothing or bags that are purchased wholesale.

2: Charge a standard installation fee to cover the costs of establishing the job if desired. A setup fee is usually a small amount, such as $ 5 or $ 10, which apply to each order, regardless of the size of the job.

3: Determine your rate by stitch. Most companies charge for embroidery 1,000 points, with a rate of between $ 0.30 and $ 1.50, according to Deb Humdinger on “Making money from her embroidery.” Calculate the rate per 1,000-stitch adding your desired for the cost of materials monthly income and dividing the total by a realistic estimate of the number of units 1000-stitch can be completed each month.

4: Establish a flat rate for standard embroidery work, as monograms. Set a price for each letter, with a minimum charge or a fixed price for the full names. The pricing for scanning, or the conversion of images in a file that is compatible with your embroidery machine, if you want to offer the service. Scanning services can be charged on per hour, with a minimum requirement of hours, such as 30 minutes or an hour.

5: Create a price list for items supplied for which they are available for custom embroidery, such as jackets or pillowcases, if you decide to offer this service. Mark items purchased at wholesale prices by 100 to 200 percent to remain competitive, suggests Humdinger. They indicate that these prices are in addition to the embroidery work, embroidery or included in the overall price charged and indicate the specific features offered with the price stitch.

6: Research local competitors to determine whether fixed exchange rate is reasonable. If rates are too high, you will drive away business. If prices are too low, you cannot make a profit and may even lose money. Publish their rates on their website or provide hard copies to clients.

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