Alphabets embroidery stitches

Some incredibly amazing embroidery stitches for alphabets, you’re going to love them!

Hand embroidery gives an exquisite touch to any type of design. It gives a traditional look to your design which attracts everyone. It looks beautiful in all aspects if you’re doing embroidery for your dress or embroidering any letters for wall decoration. The main thing is to know how to use embroidery stitches for lettering. There are several types of embroidery stitches among them 4 different types of stitches are best for embroidering letters. Once you know about embroidery stitches for lettering, all you need to do is understand those stitches and play with threads and fabric to design new and beautiful letters for your design.

Best embroidery stitches suitable for lettering:

There are four different types of stitches you  love to use them while doing embroidery:

  1. Back stitch for letters:

It is the first embroidery stitch for lettering. The standard backstitch is the easiest and simple stitch. It’s used for the creation of embroidery outlines of letters. Its usually use in block letters writing. Both in the single and double layer, it’s perfect for lettering. Add colors as per your choice. Colors give attractive look while making outlines from beautiful colors. To begin the backstitch, get up under the stuff and push the needle and floss below. Start your initial stitch, then take the needle after up under the cloth a whole stitch length, giving space within the needle and the prior stitch. Use the length of stitch similar to a grain of rice. Take this as an example. In order to embroidering whole letter, repeat this process for whole letter.

  • Stem stitches for letters:

Cursive writing is anyhow tricky to design. Words are curvy in cursive writing. This stitch is best for the cursive embroidery lettering. Its character looks likes a braided rope. Stem stitches add an amazing area that gives the letter a prominent and neat look. Stem stitches also use for the creation of flowers, petals, leaves, etc. If you know that how to handle the previous stitch it’s easy to curve this stitch more to get the best results as you move forward. To start, floss up with the cloth under the needle for one stitch. Push the needle back to the front side and repeat this method with the end of the previous one. Perform the same method until you finish your word or letter. This is the most amazing type used in embroidery for lettering.

  • Split stitches for letters:

Split stitch is similar to stem stitch, this stitch gives texture and areas of plait and braids to letters. In this type, the Needle is not pushed from the side. It’s a push from the center of the previous stitch. A further mechanism is just like the stem stitches. They are usually used for block lettering. This splitting of the thread is necessary for elegant design. Continue the above method until your letter is completed.

  • Running stitches for letters:

The running stitch is similar to the dashed lines. It only works on the surface of one stitch at one time. It’s completely your choice. In this, bring the needle and thread through the cloth. Bring the needle in then take some portion of cloth and then out needle and thread. This method is similar to all the stitches. While performing this you observe dashed lines formed. Continue it until your letter is complete.