Vectors for vinyl cutting

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Steps for vector vinyl cutting:

Step 1:

Search any image:

Search or create an icon that you need to get into a sticker. You can generate an icon by Open Office Draw or Gimp. Different plans can run fine. Your image should be black and white with no gray for great results. Keep the picture as a JPEG the software operating the cutter wants to have a jpeg, Scalable Vector Graphic (.SVG) can run lightly as greatly.

Step 2:

Using the software:

Open the software, send your image, It appears as a black and white picture. Open the image and right click on the image then pick the boundaries of trace images. A dialog box will get up; you can set the precision of the parts by changing the colors. You will notice a side of your image set on the head of the image. Click the Move key on the top right to set the form in the base right of the drawing space. Next, remove the image. Right-click on the image and select ‘Properties’. There are three tabs. For area, select the area that will fit your example part of the vinyl. The cutter sizes in millimeters. If you want to twist the image to match the sticker area, you can do that in the ‘Rotation’ range.

Step 3:

Loading the vinyl:

Place the example part of vinyl in the device. On the left-hand view in the face and back are two LED ‘hearts’. Those are infrared emitters and objects which feel the appearance of the vinyl. You have to put the vinyl so that it will include these sensors. You also have to put the weight waves up the vinyl to create sure it will be ready to work the element. On the board up the rollers, there are many white lines.

Step 4:

Control the image. It should say quite empty until you join the pressure surge. Then you will require doing the downward sign to know the device you have placed a lot or a roll. If you select a part, the cutter cover will go indirectly, measure the area in the rollers, and then it will leave the part out, the end in, then to its new location.

Step 5:


Touch the Cut key on the icon block. The cutter front should then go top to top and the vinyl should go back and forth.

When the pattern is cut, you can utilize the arrow signs to leave the vinyl out of the device.