Raise Your Beach Style Game with Embroidered Swimsuit Coverups

Did you know that the art of embroidery was found between the “Warring States period” (5th–3rd century BC)? Ancient Greek mythology has credited the goddess “Athena” with passing down the art of embroidery. Isn’t it fascinating how humans come up with an idea out of nowhere and give birth to something extraordinary? Technology back then wasn’t as advanced as it is today.  But now, we have technology advanced enough to simulate the embroidery designs before actually creating it.

Over time, embroidery has evolved into a vital modern-day trend. Every year we see a new style in fashion. If we go a few years back, wearing embroidered patches would’ve seemed quite weird. “Embroidery can be done on anything, you just name it”, is a statement we hear a lot. Whether its clothes, hats, shoes, bags, or anything else someone somewhere would have tried their hands on it. Then how can swimwear be left behind? Apparently it’s not.

During the summer, if the beach is calling you it’s no surprise. Better answer the call while with the new trendy embroidered swimsuit cover-up.

  • Why choose Embroidered Swimsuit Cover-ups?

Well simply because they’re awesome. If you’re at the beach (wearing your embroidered swimsuit) and seem to attract a lot of attention, don’t be amazed. This is one garment that will make people say “Oh làlà” when they look at you.

Embroidered swimsuit cover-ups not only enhance your look but can also be used for a large number of other purposes Want to know how? Keeping on reading.

1.  Say goodbye to sunburn!

Who doesn’t love sun-kissed skin, we all love that beautiful color and glow our skin acquires after being in the sun for a while. We all love posting selfies on the beach with hashtags “#sun-kissed” on our Instagram but the harms of being too much in the sun should also be kept in mind.

Now, I hate to be a party pooper but we have to face the music to understand what damage overexposure to UV rays from the sun causes to our skin. And I’m not just referring to wrinkles; early aging, age spots, and skin cancers are some of the side effectsof these rays.

Hence, we must take precautionary measures to protect our skin from the sun. And what better way to do it than with a fashionable embroidered cover-up. Now, you can be both responsible and stylish at the same time.

Keeps your body warm / warm-up with style / too hot to be cool!

You come out of water looking glamorous, people going gaga over you but trust me when I say “the wind doesn’t care”. But we have got a perfect solution! “Embroidered swimsuit cover-ups” Ta-Da!

Embroidered swimsuit cover-ups are perfect for maintaining your exotic look while keeping warm at the same time.

Too lazy to change your dress / let’s go shopping

Want to go shopping after a swim or how about coffee? But who would want to go through the trouble of going back to the hotel just to change clothes? Well, you don’t have to! Just grab your embroidered swimsuit cover-ups and voilà! You’re ready to go. You may also try wearing a chunky necklace to enhance your look a bit more.

Easy to wear

Embroidered swimsuit cover-ups are designed to be of ease for the wearer. They are easy to slip on or off. You make either slip it on, tie a ribbon, or just use the zipper present on embroidered cover-ups.

When buying an embroidered swimsuit cover-up, make sure it can be washed in the machine to save from the trouble of doing it by hand.

Tips for Selecting Embroidered Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Fabric-quality: We have all heard the saying “all that glitter is not gold.” When selecting an embroidered swimsuit cover-up, make sure you properly check its fabric. Its fabric should be durable and long-lasting.

Choice of style: Planning on going out for lunch after a swim? Then embroidered swimsuit cover-ups that conceal your bathing suit are the best choice for you.

Selecting the right color:  Everyone has a different taste. Some people love to wear matching clothes while others prefer contrast. Whatever your taste may be, just make sure to select the right color when buying your embroidered swimsuit cover-ups.