Latest Courses and Accessories in the World of Embroidery

Welcome back to another article on embroidery trends. The last article was all about “embroidered swimsuit cover-ups” where we discussed the history of embroidery, how it has evolved over the ages, and finally the new trendy embroidered cover-ups.

After our last post on cover-ups, we realized how we missed a great deal of information on embroidery trends. Although the previous post was full of valuable information, it just wasn’t enough.

So we decided, “Hey! Why not post another article on embroidery?” which will shed light on the exotic embroidery trends in 2020. Want to look stylish and fashionable? Keep on reading!

1. Embroidered Handbags & Clutches:

I know what you might be wondering, “What’s the point of this when we can’t even enjoy properly outside?” Well, folks, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’re all together in this pandemic. And we all must take necessary precautions to save ourselves and over loved ones from this virus.

But no virus can stop us from being trendy now, can it? Whether you’re going to the superstore or an urgent meeting. An embroidered handbag is just the thing you need. Now you carry your stuff and look stylish at the same time.

From Fendi and Gucci to Roberto & Cavalli, all these high-end fashion brands have released their collection of embroidered handbags and clutch this season. Celebrities can already be seen flaunting their embroidered handbags and clutches. So what are you waiting for, Christmas? Go grab yours!

2. Embroidered Bombers:

Forget celebrities, have you spotted a couple of ladies wearing embroidered bombers strolling around in style across the street? Of course, you have. These bombers are gaining widespread popularity among embroidery trends.

Decorated with beautiful designs, the embroidered bomber will look great with your denim on. Just grab your sunglasses or a necklace and voilà! You’re the most stylish babe out there.

Embroidery or no embroidery, bombers are hot anyway (and so are you). Originally designed for military purposes, these bombers will enhance your look instantly. If they alone are not enough, the ones decorated with embroidery with surely fulfill your fashion needs.

You may buy one from the local store as it’s quite easy to find. Here’s the best part, despite being so easily available, this is one trend that doesn’t go unnoticed.

3. Denim:

Who doesn’t love denim? Everyone does, and the reason behind it is not as a style accessory. We love it because it’s easy to wash and wear and lasts for years. I know what you’re thinking, “What’s so special about denim?” I mean, everyone owns them as they are easy to get. But does everyone have an embroidered version of denim?

A common misconception about style is that it requires having expensive stuff. The style has nothing to do with money. I can be simple and elegant at the same time.

Just a little embroidery below side pockets can enhance your denim’s style a lot. You may also choose the designs of your choice from customizing denim shops. Another great option is to order from websites where you can upload your designs and can customize your denim any way you want.