Best Computerized Embroidery Digitizing ! AquaDigitizing

Computerized embroidery is basically a modernized way of embroidery designing that we’ve been seeing on our clothes. It was started in the middle of 1980s somewhere from America and now it has spreaded all over the world. People use to prefer computerized embroidery instead of old-fashioned embroidery because it saves their time, money and looks great as well.

In start, computer embroidery was not so common and can only be found in just selected parts of the world but now it is quite common around the world and can be seen easily everywhere on someone’s clothes, table covers, uniforms, badges etc.

As the industry is growing, so you can easily find many local and online computerized embroidery service providing companies that create designs at lowest possible cost. A person who creates a design is called “Digitizer” in the modern language and use to illustrate the patterns of your desired designs on a computer system with the help of some specialized software for computer embroidery. Let us discuss about its process, procedures and all those things which you want to know about computerized embroidery.

In its procedures, computerized digitizing machines are used that are also known as computer controlled embroidery machines. Different sort of machines are able to read different type of designs with the help of various software and formats, some of the well known designs formats are ART, HUS, JEF, PES, DST, END, EXP, CND, DCB, DSZ, KSM, T01, T03, T04, T05, T09, XXX, EMT, TAP, PEC, PCS, PCD,PEL, PEM, EMD, PCQ, CSDS, and many others. The computerized embroidery process needs to pass from the five different steps to complete its finish line, these steps are:

First, you will need to purchase or create the digitized embroidery designed file.

Secondly, select the colors for design as per wish and edit the design or combine with other designs (optional).

After that, load the specific designed file in the machine.

Brace the fabric and place it in the machine.

Operate and monitor the machine and you’re ready with your embroider patterns.

As the digitizer creates the design, the fabric is pushed or sometimes pulled. This is the most complicated step of computerized embroidery. By passing through these complicated steps and procedures computerized embroidery gets completed.