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Complex Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing for Embroidery

Those of us who are aware of embroidery digitizing work surely will be aware that it is not an easy job to make digital designs. But it takes a lot of efforts, sincerity and dedication for designing each and every design. So, this piece of information will describe in detail the difficulties that embroidery designers face depending on the complexity of designs. It shall be a valuable piece of knowledge for those of you who aren’t much aware of how digitized embroidery is being carried out. It is obvious that to understand the whole process you need to practically see how the work is being done. But by reading this you can get the basic concepts involved in here.

First of all let us see what embroidery actually is. The handicraft of decorating clothes and other types of materials such as pearls, sequins, metal strips, quills and beads through yarn or thread and needle is known as Embroidery. Most often you can see embroidery on golf shirts, caps, dress shirts, stockings, hats, denim, blankets etc which has been done using different colored yarn or threads. The most interesting and amazing thing about hand embroidery is that the basic or fundamental aspect of it is the same as it was of ancient embroidery. The stitching techniques like running stitch, cross stitch, chain stitch, blanket or buttonhole stitch etc are still being done in the same. But these are being carried out only when a person is doing hand embroidery not in machine embroidery obviously.

The word Digitizing is used for an image or in very simple words the capture of analog signals in digital form is known as digitization. So the capturing of an object in image for can also be represented as digitizing or converting some files into image file format or etc.

So, ending up with the explanation of embroidery and digitizing, now let us combine both embroidery and digitizing processes so to get the actual picture of embroidery digitizing which will a bit different from the separate explanations of both of them. The digitized embroidery process goes in such a way that using some softwares embroidery is being done. It however is not handmade embroidery but the same method, in which different colored threads are being used, is being used in softwares too. You can select different color threads for your embroidery design. But here the only difference is instead of threading from your hands you are using your computer mouse.

You have to go through the software in order to understand how it works and what the options available in it for embroidery are. When you have completed with your design, you can save the file in the format which embroidery machines are supporting. Yes, embroidery machines, now the design, through USB or data cables, will be saved in the machine and it will automatically implement it depending on how it has been designed.

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