Choosing the right digitizing agency – why cheapest isn’t always the best option?

Every time I hear someone looking for the “cheapest” something, it gets me cringed, because at the end of the day you get what you pay for. So, while “cheapest” might sound good on hearing, it may leave you hanging in utter disarray with low quality and various other reasons.

Now, talking about digitizing companies, there is no way you can expect high-quality standards from an agency offering radically cheap services. And while there are various digitizing agencies offering cheap services, you may want to think twice before committing to it. You may have to consider the quality of the embroidery file and if it will be able to run on your machine. You will have to think about the digitizing software used and that the file coming out of the software is compatible with your machines. A common issue faced by many businesses is that the embroidery digitized file coming out of the machine is not native, which results in low-quality stitches. To add salt on the wound, incompatible files may take as much as two to four times more time as compared to compatible files, which results in loss of crucial time and subsequent loss in revenues.

Quality, time and turnaround time are three of the most important factors you need to check out and the problem with cheap digitizing agencies is that even if you are able to check mark on time and turnaround time, you miss the quality.

Below we will be looking at a few important features to look out for when choosing an embroidery digitizing company:

– Location

While the best part about outsourcing model is the fact that you can outsource the work easily anywhere that gives you the best quality and pricing, however, the location of the outsourcing company does have its impact on the final result. For a starter, try choosing a company that’s located within your country. That’s simply because choosing a company located at the other end of the world like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh or elsewhere might create many problems. This includes language barrier, time difference amongst others. So, while you can save some money by choosing a company at the other end of the world, you will be left to deal with various issues that come with it.

– Quality

This perhaps is the most important feature to check out for. With fierce competition in the industry, you need to keep up with the quality of the embroidery to keep your market leverage and attract customers. The quality of embroidery digitizing services depends upon various features including state-of-the-art machines and expert digitizers. Thereby, when looking to finalize an embroidery digitizing agency, make sure you check out the equipment and experience of the digitizers beforehand.

– Service Features

Lastly, checking out on the service features offered by the company is equally important. The digitizing industry has vastly expanded, absorbing various fields and opening new opportunities. For instance, today digitizing companies also offer logo digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, leather jacket digitizing, sleeve digitizing and many other services. by choosing a company that offers end to end services, you significantly increase your chances to scale business and venture into newer business opportunities.