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Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing is the most effective and new method to introduce different and elegant design. It involves different phases that are done to come up with unique and beautiful embroidery designs.

Custom Digitizing

Custom Digitizing is technique in which designs are made according to ones own needs and requirements. Custom designs are becoming very common these days as people prefer to have customized designs.

Vector Art Conversion Services

We also offer excellent quality and afforedable vector artwork services with fast turn around time from our professional graphic designer. Send us your low quality jpeg, gif or any files we will forward to our graphic artists after few hours you will get Vector art conversion.

Why you will love AQUA DIGITIZING?

There are many reasons to love AQUA Digitizing but the most important of the lot are their services, their behavior with their customers, effective relationship and cost effective measures.

AquaDigitizing is a famous name in digitizing industry. We’ve been serving the digitizing industry since the industry is growing and most of the times our quality and on-time dedication speaks with our work. We are equipped with highly skilled technical staff, branded machinery, professional embroidery digitizers, screen printing experts, well versed quality assurance team and advanced management for your orders. We use the latest technologies and the best materials to provide some of the highest quality services available in the industry today. We’re the one stop service providing agency for your vectorising and digitizing needs. We strive for the quality and perfection so satisfaction is always guaranteed!

We understand the importance of having the exact design to embroidered patterns to satisfy our customer’s demands. That’s why we promise quality digitizing by our team of experienced professional. Your satisfaction is our first priority.Our expert team delivers the highest quality and our system makes ordering and managing designs files easily.


Benefits of Hiring AQUA Digitizing

AquaDigitizing is providing cost effective and quality embroidery digitizing services. We have rendered services to wide to range of agencies from U.S.A, Australia, Canada, UK and other countries.

24/7 Support

Our services are available to our customers 24 a day. Be it a night or a day we are always there to help our customers. We also have our presence online where our customers can easily contact us and we will get back to them in one hour. So feel free to ask us any question we are always there to help you.

Quick Turn Arround time

Once the order is made we make sure that we deliver the product to the customer as soon as we can. We believe in fast delivery and good turn around time.

Easy & Secure Payment

We accept all credit cards and PayPal. Our payment system is easy and very secure. You can pay for individual designs, Or you make an advance payment to your account for saving lots of time, We are also giving free credits on advance payment check further in member area.


100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We always give preference to customer’s satisfaction and we make sure that we fulfil all the requirements that were demanded by the customer at the time of order so they will appreciate our services and would like to try us again.

Design backup Facility

Aqua digitizing.com will offer you a safe and easy environment to manage your orders efficiently and keep track of it. Through our website you can easily place orders, make payments and request edits. We also provide our customers to download design anytime they want to. Management of digitizing designing can also be done with ease and comfort.

Pay Once You Check and Approve The Digitized File

We do not force our customers to pay before the order is completed. Once the design is made we call our customers to check the required stuff, if they approve the design then we tell them about the charges.

Get Free Stitch Quote

After login you will see an option (place an estimate) Click on it just fill Out the simple form attach your artwork and submit it for request to get quotation of the price and stitches, Our digitizing team will provide a prompt reply to your quote.

Quality Services We Provide

A quality Digitizing services at low cost. Our aim is to provide you cheapest and best quality digitizing service.

Applique digitizing is the way of decorating the apparel or design’s overall look. This is the reason why it needs lots of focus and effort in finishing in any design. We converts embroidery designs appropriate stitch files according to your embroidery software program and specifications of the machine embroidery. Give a greater appliqué digitizing by making enormous amount in your account. Digitizer can enhance your visibility and corporate image. So come visit us online, or on sight for more details about our embroidery services. We are centrally located in the area and we look forward to meeting with you. Our expert will show you custom embroidery designs, embroidery samples of our customized products and listen to your custom embroidery service needs and be glad to assist you every step of the way. Appliqué are various and with huge density so you can make selection among our display or make a phone call so that we could discuss about your appliqué digitizing. The first time I started with my embroidery machine I knew nothing about the designs. All I knew is that some of them were very expensive and others were free. Some seemed easier to sew and others gave me problems: the shirred fabric or satin stitch was skinny and not grab my web application too. Some of them were very nice and professional looking, while others looked sloppy. Any of them left me with a colorful fabric to cut jump stitches and left me wondering “why this design just does that?” It was after I made my own list of qualities that make a good design that I decided to start learning how to create my own designs. Eight years experience in digitization (and still learning every day!) I am doing lots and lots of practice, classes of traders, college-level classes, conversations with other digitizers and thousands and thousands of designs ranging from one to other level.

Embroidery digitizing is slightly different to that other digitizing processes. You cannot have the right digitizing if you compromise in quality and the payment. To embroidery digitizing it is the process of converting an image into a digital embroidery pattern that can be read by the embroidery machine. The images become a graphic format to one seam, which is transferred to the format of automatic digital embroidery machine. This involves making physical points tracing image and creating different types of stitch patterns and colors in a computer program. Once the design has been digitized, it is passed to the file format corresponding to the embroidery machine to use. Digitizer can enhance your visibility and corporate image. So come visit us online, or on sight for more details about our embroidery services. We are centrally located in the area and we look forward to meeting with you. Also you can take advantage of our experienced team that will design your ideas or to put an inspiring personal touch to the designs we have available. We put our creativity at your fingertips, allowing you collect your vision into life. With our help, you can begin to explore your imagination and create something distinctive for clothes and personal and corporate items. It is much more complex than most people could imagine. The digitizer must begin with an analysis of the graphic image, then developing the instructions must give the embroidery machine. Therefore, our team has specialized in the art. Always looking to offer the best service.

Custom digitizing is what all about your choice, like, selection and preference in almost all processes from making image and converting into digital format for punching. We are a custom digitizing embroidery service company. We specialize in custom embroidery digitizing services offering embroidery, logo embroidery, shirt embroidery and many more custom embroidery designs. We embroider on garments and custom embroidery work apparel that are supplied by us to our customers. With roots in the custom embroidery apparel business, starting years ago with our very first store service custom embroidery, we have been served continuously with pride for Almost 10 years offering outstanding and custom embroidery services. An eye-catching and well-placed custom logo embroidery is a key element in any business identity. Digitizer can enhance your visibility and corporate image. So come visit us online, or on sight for more details about our embroidery services. We are centrally located in the area and we look forward to meeting with you. Our expert will show you custom embroidery designs, embroidery samples of our customized products and listen to your custom embroidery service needs and be glad to assist you every step of the way. When I started to embroider, I thought I could just find a picture on the Internet and send it to my machine and my machine somehow instinctively knows what to do. It was not long before I realized that this is far from true! A digitizer takes the image and redraws commands using an embroidery machine can understand. We cannot convert image file to file embroidery. Well … there are programs that will do that, but I’ll show you why this rarely works well. Taking an image file and using software to automatically create and embroidery file is called Auto-Digitizing.

Digitizing for embroidery is a state of the art process which required so many things in terms of material, expertise of engineering, technical know-how, time, energy, art and digitizing the right way. We have the best software market, include some as PULSE, Wilcom, SIERRA, and BROTHER among other programs 100% original. Thanks to the service such as internet and social networks; user can apply through these means; designs such as: Children, military, religious ornaments, college, sports, flowers, Christmas, corporate, trademarks, franchises, fashion, seasonal, custom, casual, etc. Media applications that allow us to meet with the immediacy and agility demand right now new markets, we have more than 15,000 designs with permanent availability and special elements to give elegance to your clothes or promotional items. More advance payment means more extra benefits and extra bucks in your account. We are a high performance team with working capacity of 24 continuous hours; that allow us to provide our customers with fast, efficient and high quality service; this machinery leads us to present designs of different sizes and handle them on different materials such as: Fabrics, Leather, Synthetic, Banners etc. and likewise provide a new tool in different techniques and alternatives in the clothing market and advertising in general. Our complete system allows us to work on cylindrical garment such as: Hats, Pavas, Hats, and Socks etc. Also the variety of items such as applications, shields, religious ornaments, etc. Eye-catching and well-placed custom logo embroidery is a key element in any business identity.


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