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There are so many reasons to ensure that why you should choose us. We have been in digitizing industry since the industry established worldwide and now can prove you about our company services, quality assurance and many more things which you need to ensure. Our way of working is totally different from conventional digitizing companies that provide you the online digitizing services, let’s see how. Your time and money is valuable for us because we work with integrity. AquaDigitizing gives you 100 percent surety about its services and quality in work. We’ve well versed, qualified and absolutely experienced staff to pursue your orders so you don’t need to pay us until you get satisfied with our completed work.

We count the clients as blessings and challenges which we’ve to achieve with our dedicated services for you. We don’t need to brag ourselves, we just have to prove ourselves by our work. If you are sick off low quality and expensive designs so just try us with free design policy. You don’t need to wait for long or late responses as we just start our work on your orders as soon as you confirm them. Doesn’t matter if you’ve something in your mind or you’ve created a design in photoshop, we accept them all. We have two stages quality assurance system that checks all the possible conflicts that may occur in colors, quality and sewing.

As your job is challenge for us, we provide a money back guarantee on all done work.

We’ve a wider array of talented designers to pursue your orders so our digitizing experts can read approximately all of the file formats such as jpeg, TIF, GIF, CDR, TPC, CPT, AI, EPS, PDF or BMP etc. These are the most common formats but if you have a format not listed here send it any way, we are pretty good at this.

AquaDigitizing uses the most advance technology and equipments, as well as a number of first rates digitizers and punchers. We also have employed professional art designers who are in charge of modifying patterns.

We serve our customers 24/7 to fulfill their urgency and conventional ordering requirements. From your first order you will realize that AquaDigitizing strives to create a professional relationship with all of our clients. Our sales representatives will ensure that you are completely satisfied but if you are not then we will make re-edits free of cost as per your requirement. We create wide array of quality designs for customized clothes patterns such as chest bags, t shirts, uniforms, clutches and jacket’s logos. We can also convert art works into computerized embroidery stitch instructions that can be implemented on any material.

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