Problems of commercial machine embroidery and their solutions.

Today we are going to look at the shortcuts for fixing the problems in the embroidery. These issues cannot track down easily by anyone. Embroiders are very smart, they outsource

The embroidery digitizing, so they are not responsible for the problems. These issues build-up by the embroidery digitizing machine. Embroiders accuse the digitizing machines and getaway. The problem occurs due to faulty machines and other things. That is why it is not a fault of embroidering. So he can easily put all the blame on the machines or the outsource embroidery digitizing.

These issues can solve by two methods. The first method is to find the culprit and accuse him of his fault. This method is too long. The second method is to fix it by you. If the

Deadline is very near, and you got a problem, you can fix it by the following

Shortcuts. They are very relevant. 

1. Using the Markers:

Using the markers is not the only way to get rid of the problems. Even it is not the major one. You can use it in numerous ways. You use markers for little problems as if bits of bobbin threads are showing or when a loose stitch starts to expose the bottom layers. These markers should use very smartly. These are applied to cover all the areas and not become evident. Make sure that these markers are wash-resistant before applying to the embroidery. It needs practice and sharp eyes. These markers play a limited role in the shortcuts for fixing the problem. These markers can help in covering the small area of the embroidery. 

2. Firing the fingers:

Fringes are the little problem that occurs due to not sharp trimmers of your commercial machine. It can cause a problem that is quite noticeable. These fringes are not easy to trim but quite clear to be seen. The minor fringes can seem when the jumpsuit stitches are loosely cut. They can resolve by heat. After giving heat to remove these fringes, it gives a bright and crispy look to the designs. By providing heat, some colors on the embroidery will become discolored. And it also burns the thread in the embroidery designs. This technique is very risky for some threads. Other firing aids can use in great adaptability of containing heat in the selected area. Embroiders does not take a risk on expensive fabric. That is why it is acceptable to some fabric. Embroiders also take it to produce brightness on the designs.

4. Using Stock Designs:

The stock design is much lesser in cost than the digitizing a design from scratch. It is not for the fixation but a tip. It is not usable for every time. Digitizing a design will always remain popular. Logos and Brand designs digitize from scratch. But some people require a hawk on the back of the car or the leopard face on the jacket. Stock designs are best for them.