Embroidery digitizing is a term used for the skill of changing the format of any simple picture or design to a design that is workable on an embroidery machine. This is done by using latest technology software to convert the existing design or picture to a format that can be embroidered on most of the commercial and domestic embroidery machines.

There are many companies in America who have been digitizing for embroidery and have successfully created thousands of logos and emblems that have been a reason of extra ordinary sales of the products. At Aqua Digitizing, we have well trained and qualified staff for best embroidery digitizing services. All the designs that our clients provide us go through several quality tests and after passing these tests we see at the on screen design so that we can pin point any flaws in a designs and try to make changes that can make them look exactly the same as provided by our client.
Digitizing for embroidery has now become a common practice to facilitate the big brands in marketing of their new products, as whenever a new product is launched the marketing campaign is done by using each and every medium that can be used within the resources .From panaflex to screen printing and from free distribution of the product samples to free gifts like caps or gloves with the brand logo embroidered on it, all these things are known as good marketing strategy in today’s market.

The embroidery digitizing services are available across the globe but the work done in USA just has no match and the companies like aqua digitizing have set a goal of quality and finish that is difficult to achieve by foreign companies.

The experts who are responsible for the main job of digitizing your logo have years of experience in embroidery digitizing in USA .In fact ,some of the professionals working at Aqua Digitizing are among the people who introduced this technology and made embroidery easy for all. The expert digitizers do not only have experience in using latest technology and computer software to make your design look good, they have all the knowledge about embroidery machines and some of them have even used the machine. They have extensive knowledge about the factors that can affect the look of your design after completion and so they like to communicate with their clients to discuss the best material that should be used to enhance the beauty of your design.
The professionals working at Aqua Digitizing know where to place a logo so that it catches the eye of the consumer, they know on what material the design will enhance the beauty of the cloth and which cloth will over shadow your design.
If you are willing to have a logo digitized, try our services and forget the rest.