Custom digitizing is gaining popularity day by is the technique with which simple designs are made digital with the help of computer software so that they can be used in embroidery is a common knowledge that not all types of embroidery machines can embroider in any format provided, there are certain embroidery machines that embroider the designs provided in particular formats that are especially made for use in those short custom digitizing is the term used for the art of converting a simple design ,logo or emblem into a stitch file that is workable on every embroidery machine.

The latest trend of custom digitizing services has made it easier for people to embroider any design on a garment with the use of custom digitizing. Custom digitizing in USA is gaining so much popularity that hundreds of custom digitizers have entered the market in matter of days.

The company known as aqua digitizing offers best custom digitizing services in America .the expert staff working at aqua digitizing have the ability to convert and existing image into a piece of art by digitizing it to a format that could be embroidered by any embroidery machine. The company is known for is on time turnaround.
Today, the marketing industry is using every tactics to market the brands and products across the globe, and the logos of the company are embroidered on caps scarfs t-shirts and even socks. Usually the logos of companies have so many tiny details that it is impossible to convert them to an embroidery pattern without getting it digitized .so, the big brands readily send their logos to digitizing companies to get them transferred to formats that are easy to embroider.

For real life embroidered images most of the big names are turning towards the digitizing companies so that they could get there emblems embroidered.
Custom digitizing has taken over many other types of printing the logos on cloth ,even the kids like to have their favorite cartoon characters embroidered on their clothes especially t-shirts . The young guys like their t-shirts embroidered with interesting punch lines to attract people, some of the young men like pictures of wrestlers embroidered on their t-shirts so that they look macho. Custom digitizing for embroidery has made the designing with embroidery very easy to do that is why among all designing the digitizing of images takes as less a time as 24 hours while other techniques take much longer.

Custom digitizing for embroidery has become very popular across the globe and even the smallest of garment companies have started using this technology to decorate their garments according to the latest trends .the garments made by use of the digitizing techniques are sold much more than the simple printed clothes.